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Ankle Support For Chronic Weak Ankles

Traumatic damage to ankle ligaments can cause a permanent laxity or weakness within the ankle joint.  Ligaments hold your ankle bones together tightly in proper position to allow the joint to function normally.  When ligaments are torn, they do not repair with new ligament tissue, rather they heal with scar tissue which is not as strong as a ligament.  Consequently, once an ankle is injured there remains an inherent weakness or ankle instability.  This situation is compounded when multiple trauma's such as repetitive ankle sprains occur.  Also, depending on the severity of ligament tearing that occurs when you sprain an ankle, results in different levels of ankle weakness. 

Treatment for ankle instability or ankle weakness is exercise and bracing.  Weak ankle braces can assist in providing the additional support necessary to stabilize your ankle to avoid re-injury.  The more unstable your ankle is, the firmer support it requires.  Ankle instability braces are available from mild support to firm support to meet your needs. 

Shop a variety of ankle braces to stabilize weak ankles including ankle wraps, ankle sleeves or ankle braces.  Braces are also made of different materials such as neoprene, elastic and braces with plastic protectors.  You are sure to find the right weak ankle instability brace for you at PainReliever.com.

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  • Captain Sports (1)
  • Cho-Pat (2)
  • Core (7)
  • DonJoy (5)
  • FLA Orthopedics (3)
  • Hely Weber (6)
  • McDavid (3)
  • Mueller (10)
  • Ossur (4)
  • Pro-Tec (2)
  • Stromgren (10)
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