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I′m Extremely Impressed!!!

I ordered a couple of products from your site and was amazed at the FAST & Accurate service. Very Impressive! These days it′s so rare to find and your team deserves credit for a job well done. It was an insignificant order as some may go but, to this customer it renews my faith in e-commerce. Thank you all. This type of efficiency comes from a team effort and is usually an indicator of the same from the top of the company down to the last person handling the order when it leaves the warehouse. Good Job everyone. With service like this your company and it′s employees should be in business for years to come with many fine career′s made. Take care of & encourage the employees performing like this, continue tending the customer in this way and this company will live long and prosperous life. Don′t blow it as so many companies do with greed & neglect of the team! Keep up the good work!



Sombra Warm Therapy:

Here′s my thoughts: Sombra Warm Therapy was a “life saver” for my 87 year old mother-in-law while she endured Shingles. She woke up in the night and asked to go to the hospital because the pain was so bad. This is a woman who only takes 1 daily baby aspirin and occasionally some calcium. I had her on 2 full strength Vicodin!! So, you know that she was suffering.

Even with the 2 Vicodin, she still wanted to go to the hospital. I had purchased some Sombra from my chiropractor and used it on her and she fell back to sleep. When she woke up, she said, “that cream you used on me was miraculous! It took the pain away and was so nice and warm.” I use it for fibromyalgia and arthritis. Love the stuff. Everyone should keep a gallon of it in the house at all times.


Hi Laura,

I received your email regarding my order for the Activewrap KW. As you mentioned, this is now on back order and will not be available until the 28th. I certainly appreciate your prompt notification. How refreshing it is, for a change, to be on the positive end of an incomplete transaction.

It's obvious PainReliever.Com (and Norris E-Commerce Management, Inc.) are professional and considerate companies. Anymore, customer care & service are woefully lacking. Again, I truly appreciate it. Thank you. I should add, I already received the delivery (also speedy) of the other part of my original order containing three items.

I regret I must cancel the remaining portion of my order, the Activewrap KW. As you might expect, I really need it sooner rather than later. A month is a long time to wait, especially for this particular type of product. Fortunately, I found this same Activewrap KW, in stock elsewhere and I have already ordered it.

I certainly will keep you in mind for any of my future needs. In the meantime, I′ll be on the lookout for my refund of the full purchase price.

Thank you,


Good morning,

I just wanted to share with you what happened. I work a full time and part time job and my daughters have all danced at the competitive level since age 3. Well, my 12 year old had gotten the package, which was for her 16 year old sister and gave it to her without my knowledge. When I asked my 16 year old about the knee braces last night, she replied, "They are great, these are the best knee braces and are very supportive." This particular daughter is a very intense dancer and does alot of practicing and we've been back and forth to the doctors to get some relief for her knee pains and although she has been practicing 6 days a week for the past two weeks I realize I had not heard one complaint from her or saw her sitting with ice packs.

I would like to say from a mother,


Hi Laura,

Thank you for your prompt and efficient service in getting my order placed and providing for its quick shipment. I look forward to receiving it.




I received the brace yesterday 2/5/09 and am wearing it right now. I guess it will take a while to get used to huh? I wanted to let you know that I have been in customer service for over 20 years in some way or another and the way you treated me and expedited the correction was phenomenonal! I am very impressed with the way you handled it to make your client happy. Congratulations to being the csr of the year in my book! (next to me of course!)

Thanks again...


Dear Laura,

Thank you so much for you kindness and awesome customer service. I truly appreciate your help. I know my mom will be happy too. Have a great day


Aloha Laura,

I appreciated your wonderful assistance today.



Hello Laura -

I thank you for assisting me with making the change to my order. You were most accomodating and pleasant.


Dear Laura,

Everything looks good. Thank you for your professional and friendly service.

Best regards,


Thank you very much for your help, Laura.




I am writing to compliment your company and your Customer Service representative in the handling of an issue with one of your products. My mother had bought a walker from your site which had some problems and could not be used as we had hoped (I had helped my mother select this walker). When we realized that we needed some assistance, I dealt with Laura who provided the best service in terms of answering my questions, providing detailed information on alternative walkers, and negotiating a very good resolution to our problem. She was professional, knowledgeable and caring, and her efforts are very much appreciated. We would also like to commend your company for its willingness to meet our needs in such a great way. It's rare to have such a wonderful customer-service experience and we thank you.

Best regards,


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