Sprained Ankle Braces and Supports

Ankle Braces For Sprained Ankle Protection and Support

A sprain is an over-stretching, tear or rupture of a ligament. When a ligament is sprained the stability of the ankle is comprised and needs protection and extra support to heal without further re-injury. If you have ever sprained your ankle you know that the tearing of the ligament produces pain, swelling and at times bruising.  The level of symptoms is usually consistent with the amount of ligament damage. The ankle is the most commonly sprained joint in the body and after injury you should immediately elevate the ankle above heart level, apply a compression wrap and ice. 

If you can bear weight on the ankle after a sprain, the likelyhood of severe sprain or ankle fracture is minimal. If you can't bear weight on the ankle, you should seek medical care immediately. No matter how badly your ankle sprain is, you should wear a sprained ankle brace to allow complete healing over the next 1 to 6 weeks. 

Sprained ankle support braces come in mild support, moderate support and firm support.  Choosing the right support level is important. If you have a mild sprain, one in which you can bear weight and walk with little to no limp, you should select a mild support sprained ankle support.  If you have a moderate sprain, one in which you can bear weight but have a pretty good limp. You should choose a firm support brace if you can't bear weight and you need splint the ankle. 

If your symptoms are severe or persistent, check with your doctor regarding your injury and discuss with them the type of sprained ankle brace is best for you.

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