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Post –Traumatic Arthritis

What is Post-Traumatic Arthritis?
 After an injury to a joint in which the bone and cartilage do not heal properly, that joint is no longer smooth. As a result, post-traumatic arthritis may develop. With excessive wear on the joint surface, osteoarthritis can also develop. Once a joint is injured, it rarely heals to a pre-injury state; arthritis and degeneration are certain to occur.

What are its symptoms?
 Pain is the most common symptom of post-traumatic arthritis. The loss of normal motion can make even simple activities much more difficult. Pain may increase and remain constant, even during non-weight bearing activities, as the arthritis worsens.
What are some home treatment options?
The patient should talk to his or her physician about the best treatment options for pain and inflammation. Some treatment options may include:

Glucosamine and chondroitin supplements and anti-inflammatory medications are often recommended. Useful home remedies can help relieve the aching and pain of post-traumatic arthritis
         What medical treatment is necessary?

 Since proper joint motion and biomechanics are key to reducing arthritic changes to joints, you may consider manipulation as an option. Services performed by Chiropractors or Osteopaths will be useful in keeping joint motion as good as it can be.
If the above treatments fail to provide adequate help, the patient and physician may decide that surgery is the best treatment option to regain quality of life, especially if the condition is affecting daily activities.

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