Patellar Tendonitis Braces

Patellar Tendonitis Braces Compress The Patellar Tendon

Inflammation of the Patellar tendon is called Patellar tendonitis.  The Patellar tendon is located below the knee cap in the center of the knee.  The tendon can become inflammed with "overuse" activities such as jumping and running, as it is at times called Jumper's Knee.  The symptoms of Patellar tendonitis include tightness and pain- which can be sharp or aching in nature.  In most cases Patellar tendonitis can be treated at home with rest, ice, massage and use of an appropriate patellar tendonitis brace.  Braces for Patellar tendonitis compress the tendon and help alleviate pain.  As always it is appropriate to discuss with your doctor with persistent or severe pain and swelling.

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