Back Pain Braces For The Lower Back

The causes of lumbalgia (lower back pain) are numerous, but the most common causes are injury and overuse, nerve root encroachment due to disc herniation, Osteoarthritis, Spondylolithesis, stenosis and fracture.  There are more severe reasons for low back pain such as cancer and spinal tumors, Ankylosing Spondylitis and infection. 

If you suffer with severe lower back pain, or the pain recurrs frequently, then you should be evaluated by your physician to rule out any more severe causes.  However, lower back pain that has been diagnosed as coming from a strain, sprain, subluxation or disc injury can be assisted with a proper back pain brace.  Braces that support the Lumbar spine are usually a wrap around style that has hook and loop closures.  The purpose of the brace is to provide compression to the lower back which provides stability, helping the muscles of the back relax and release spasm from overuse or splinting.  The brace actually takes the place of the lower back muscles and provides the support for the spine so the muscles can relax. 

Low back supports can also be effective at helping relieve pain from pinched nerves which can cause Sciatica, radiating leg pain and numbness and tingling in the leg.  Although you should be evaluated for such symptoms, wearing a lower back brace for pain relief is a good idea. 

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