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Knee Sprains

A sprain is when a ligament that holds two or more bones together is stretched beyond its limits. The knee joint has 4 ligaments that are commonly sprained.  The ACL, or Anterior Cruciate Ligament, the PCL or Posteriror Cruciate Ligament, the MCL or Medical Collateral Ligament, and the LCL Lateral Collateral Ligament.  These knee ligaments hold the knee joint securely in place. 
A knee sprain can be mild, such as a Grade 1 sprain which is a small overstretch of the ligament fibers which results in minimal pain and swelling. The joint is still stable and walking is still possible without much difficulty.
Grade 2 knee sprains are when the ligament fibers are partially torn.  Depending on the severity of tear, the stability of the knee is lessened and possibility of re-injury is higher. Walking with a limp or with crutches is a possibility.
Grade 3 knee sprains indicate the ligament is completely torn.  Pain and swelling can be from mild to severe and ambulation is extremely difficult. Find a top named bracd knee sprain brace at and save.

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  • Bauerfeind (4)
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  • Core (9)
  • DonJoy (10)
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