Herniated Disc Brace

Herniated discs occur much of the population, many of which are asymptomatic. To understand what a herniated disc is you might picture a fried egg.  The yoke of the egg represent the nucleus pulposus a jelly like substance and the white of the egg repesents a thicker fibrous material called the annulus fibrosus.  When the egg yoke (nucleus material) seeps through cracks in the disc and goes beyond the annulus, it begans to take up space within the canal where the nerve root exists causing pressure on the nerve. 

Disc herniations can be caused traumatically or by degeneration over the years.  As stated before, many people have disc herniations that don't cause problems, however if you are one of the unlucky ones that is symptomatic, then you definitely need to consult your doctor on proper treatment protocols. 

For self-treatment you can wear a herniated disc brace to support the lumbar spine and help relieve the pain, swelling and muscular spasm that coincides with disc herniations.  Choose from a good selection of lower back disc hernation braces at PainReliever.com.

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