G5 Cellutec Professional Cellulite Tissue Massager

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G5 Cellutec Professional Cellulite Tissue MassagerMagnifier
  • G5 Cellutec Professional Cellulite Tissue Massager
  • G5 Cellutec Professional Cellulite Tissue Massager
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The G5 Cellutec's physiological effects of vibratory and percussive waves have been widely studied. Scientifc studies have identifed these physiological effects and their applications for treatment.
Vibratory and percussive waves have various effects on the skin and on its underlying structures with
the following benefits:

• Increased permeability of the skin, allowing deep penetration of the active ingredients of body
care creams and oils.
• Assistance in mobilization of fluids in the underlying tissues, due to the effect of Directional-
Stroking®. Easy penetration and fluid mobilization, increase fluid exchanges and oxygenation
result from Directional-Stroking®.
• Decongestive action, anti-fibrosis action and adherence reduction action. The effect produces a
highly effective drainage and detoxification through the lymphatic and circulatory systems.
• The natural effect of vibratory waves causes increased friction of the skin which leads to a rise in
temperature. This elevation of temperature (also called hyperthermia) increases the receptivity of
the skin, stimulates the peripheral capillary circulation, and softens the epidermis.
• Vibrations have a trophic action: Stimulation of the cells of the epidermis and the structures of the
dermis-skin revitalization.
• Vibratory waves also have an effect on muscles: Low vibrations create a relaxing and toning action
on muscles and a general muscular rest; vibrations also help keep the muscles toned.
• Vibratory waves have effects on the central nervous system. They stimulate the sensitive cells in
the skin, its underlying tissues, and sensitive receptors localized in the muscles. They reduce pain
and create a general feeling of well-being. Vibrotherapy is an effective relaxing technique that can
be combined with massage techniques such as shiatsu, acupressure, Swedish massage, etc.
• Vibratory waves can also improve blood circulation: Vibrations applied with deep glide and smooth
pressure create a deep and super?cial drainage of the body ?uids. They not only contribute to
detoxi?cation- removal of waste by-products, but also to the oxygenation of tissues. Mobilization
and fluid mobilization reinforce this drainage motion.

The G5 Cellutec is indicated for temporarily reduction of the appearance of cellulite, relief of muscle pains and spasms in muscle contusions, sprains and strains, providing passive exercise to paralyzed muscles, mobilizing edema in swollen extremities, increasing local circulation, warming muscles via increasing circulation to bring more warm blood flow to the tissues, aiding in the prevention of muscle fatigue and stiffness in heavily exercised muscles, aiding in breaking down adhesions between superfcial and deep tissues (as in scars), loosening bronchial secretions during postural drainage procedures, aiding in maintaining joint mobility and reduction of periscapular adhesions and joint edema, aiding in reducing trigger points, and aiding in maintaining muscle tone and circulation in hemiplegics.

G5 Cellutec Directional-Stroking®
The G5 Cellutec incorporates G5's exclusive Directional-Stroking® action. While other
massage machines provide vibration therapy alone, or a simple “up and down” thumping action,
Directional-Stroking® provides two force components.

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Massage Modality/Use: Professional Use Massagers, Back Massagers, Neck Massagers, Percussion Massagers, Adhesion/Myofascial Release, Cellulite Reduction, Deep Tissue Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Multi-Therapy Massage, Reflexology, Skin Therapy, Spa Massage

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