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The Pillo-Pedic Neck Pillow is recommended by chiropractors nationwide for patients with neck pain. The Pillo-Pedic Pillow provides gentle neck traction while you sleep, helping to promote correct neck alignment and maintain cervical spine support. Pillo-Pedic's patented four-way design includes a specially constructed edge for added support, and a flat profile which helps eliminate pillow roll away. Designed for both side or back sleeping positions, the Pillo-Pedic helps pillow users WAKE WELL RESTED AND REFRESHED after a great night's sleep! This chiropractic pillow also helps to relieve whiplash, neck and shoulder discomfort and tension headaches. This pillow comes with a convenient white zipper cover.

Content -
Durable construction features non-allergenic polyurethane and polyester fiber - not foam rubber, for the longest lasting chiropractic pillow available.

Firmness and Size Information -
Pillo-Pedic comes in three sizes, all with Medium Firmness.
Size Extra has a medium firmness with an added firm edge.

  • Helps provide correct neck alignment and cervical spine support
  • Full-sized bed pillow
  • features non-allergenic polyurethane and polyester fiber - not foam rubber
  • For whiplash, neck and shoulder problems, tension headaches, etc.
  • Comes with a convenient white zipper cover

Available in 4 sizes:
  • JUNIOR For children and small framed adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 3-1/2
  • REGULAR For average sized adults (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 4-1/2
  • EXTRA For large framed adults who are over 180 lbs. (L) 23 x (W) 15-1/2 x (H) 5-1/2

    Also Available - Pillo-Pedic Plus Premium Neck Pillow
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Additional Features

Pillow Features: Cervical/Neck Pillows, Ergonomic Pillows, Fiber Pillows, Foam Pillows, Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper, Hypoallergenic Pillows

Weight & Dimensions

Weight Measurements
1 Lbs. 23 In. H x 16 In. W x 4 In. D

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Ships via: FedEx Ground
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Product Reviews

Average Customer Rating:
4.5 Stars
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Great pillow, February 8, 2012
By Massage Therapist(NC)

I roiginally purchased the older pillow at a chiropractor. It needed replacing.
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Great Pillow, January 18, 2012
By Suz the Sleeper(Denver CO)

Love the pillow-however I feel the company rips you off on the shipping. The most expensive shipping ever!
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

pillow, January 15, 2012
By tig(manhattan, ny)

After one use neck pain gone. My chiropractor recommended this pillow and it wirks perfectly. I use the thinner side. Sleep through the night without tossing and turning to relieve pain.
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worth break in period, December 18, 2011
By The Bear(Alamogordo, NM)

Little odd to get used to, but my neck is doing much better.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Long time user, November 17, 2010
By Lmccra(Westport, CT)

I've had about 6 of these pillows over the last 15 years, and I love it. I am a back sleeper, so I use the two edges of the concave surface, depending on what feels more comfortable. When the pillow gets more worn, I switch to the other side (flat), but then I end up sleeping more on my side, so it's really better to replace the pillow every year or so because I think it's better for the body if you can sleep on your back.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful:

Headache Fix, August 11, 2010
By Terry(Oklahoma)

Twenty two years ago my chriropractor gave me this pillow. I have never been without it on purpose. If I go away for the night and accidentally forget it, I do not sleep well at all. I take it with me everytime I leave the house!! I purchased this one for a new friend who suffers with migrane headaches just like I do. I am so anxious to hear how she likes it. I hope she will have the same healing power that I have had.
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Get yours today!, July 17, 2010
By Dallas Cpwboys fan 4 life!(SC)

Great results--took about 3 days for me to get used to it, but my neck (and back) pain has been greatly reduced! My chiropractor recommended this product, and I am glad I did. My hubby suffers from neck pain as well, and he loves the pillow as well. The only problem is it slides up to our headboard all the time. It's as if it 'shimmies' up and I have to pull it back down under my neck. any suggestions to stop the magic moving?
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Choosing the correct side is KEY!, July 6, 2010
By Carol(Kingston, TN)

My chiropractor recommended this pillow. She used muscle testing to see which side of the pillow was the correct one for my body at that point in time. As adjustments continue to align my spine, she tested me again and changed the side of the pillow for me to use. It took me about 2 weeks to learn how to position my head/neck on the pillow and for it to be comfortable. After that, I could really tell a difference in the quality of my sleep and how my body felt the next day.
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uncomfortable, March 9, 2010
By Trish(New mexido)

Pillo-Pedic says 4 degrees of support but I've moved this this around and nothing feels comfortable. I feel that my head is higher than the rest of my body and your body and head should be level. I've had it for a week and it doesn't do anything but keeping me awake during the night fussing with it and wind up using my good old standard pillow.
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0 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

life changing, February 24, 2010
By j(nyc)

My therapist turned me on to it and it has eliminated all of my neck pain!
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0 of 2 people found the following review helpful:

Must get measured, February 6, 2010
By Jason the chiropractor(Virginia)

To everyone who didn't like the order for it to work properly you really have to have the pillow custom fit to you...not just picked out of an online store.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:

Better than nothing, January 28, 2010
By TreeLady(Mililani, HI)

I've had 2 of these pillows and am about to buy another just because I haven't found anything that works better yet. The first two weeks of sleeping on it, it feels like cardboard. After that, the foam starts to collapse. It's also non-washable. Somewhere in the middle, between cardboard and total collapse, it feels good and does help. You also have to rotate the pillow while you're asleep if you switch from back to side or you wake with a crick in your neck.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:

Not like I remembered, September 15, 2009
By Safron(Milwaukee, WI)

I searched the internet to find this pillow because my old one was worn out and I am very sad and forlorn to say I have not been satisfied at all with my purchase. I tried sleeping the whole night through on three separate nights using my new pillow and absolutely could not because the pillow is so hard and stiff it if causing me more pain than I had before I slept on it, I wish I could return it. It is very disappointing.
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Sent From Heaven...., August 12, 2009
By No Neck Mark(Irvine, CA)

I have had neck problems since i was a kid. Every now and then it would flare up, more so in the morning. After one night using Pillo-Pedic, my pain level went from an 8, to a 4. I would recomend this product to anyone who has ever woken up with a kink in their neck.
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