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ACL Knee Braces For Recovery & Protection

ACL braces are designed to protect the most commonly injured knee ligament, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. There are 3 levels of ACL injury severity. The ACL ligament is responsible for excessive forward movement of the lower leg bone in relation to the femur. Sudden shearing forces, such as sudden stops or quick sideways motions can create such great forces that the ACL is strength is comprimised.  The result is an ACL overstrech, partial tear or complete tear. An ACL brace is very helpful at protecting from further injury and stabilizing an unstable knee.

ACL Grades of Sprain
  • Grade I ACL sprains- the ACL ligament is not torn, but stretched beyond it's limits. Symptoms include mild knee pain, swelling and tenderness around the front of the knee.  With grade 1 ACL injuries you usually can still walk without much difficulty.         
  • Grade II ACL sprains- the ACL ligament has a partial tear. Pain and swelling levles are usually mild to moderate, but the knee commonly feels unstable and makes walking fairly difficult. Medical evaluation is necessary to determine the extent of injury. ACL surgery may or may not be necessary.
  • Grade III ACL sprains- a complete tear of the ACL.  Knee pain and swelling can occur anywhere from minimal to severe.  A completely ruptured or torn ACL is indicated by a pop sound or feel at the time of injury.  Medical attention is required for Grade 3 ACL tears. ACL surgery is necessary.

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